Many [adjective]

Definition of Many:

profuse, abundant

Synonyms of Many:

Opposite/Antonyms of Many:



Sentence/Example of Many:

She left me more composed and happy than I have been for many days.

Many other things I saw and heard, but was forbidden to relate.

I have another favour to ask, in addition to the many claims you already have upon me.

The virtuous Melissa parted from them with many blessings and tears.

He never could find out what was "going on" to bring so many folks into town.

It had been all the same to Mrs. Bines for as many years as a woman of fifty can remember.

There are not many boys, or men, I think, that would have had the courage to act as you did.

Many words of the talkative German were running in his mind from the night before.

"Many have had that reputation who do not deserve it," said Robert.

Mrs. Bines had never seen so many children as flooded this street.