Maps [noun]

Definition of Maps:

chart of geographic area

Synonyms of Maps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maps:

Sentence/Example of Maps:

But we had not reached the latitude of Congo according to his map.

There is no map that shows these roads as they originally were, but the changes are not so many as you might think.

On Mike's face was a map of disaster; the disaster might be trivial or great.

"Explorations for this map made after the rains," he concluded.

Remembering her map Kingozi's lips compressed under his beard.

But the German map furnished all details for some distance in advance.

In the southeastern corner of the map was Jackson, close to which he meant to go.

I hope to make him a map of England, which is a great country, and was unknown to Ptolemy.

There is blood of mine, sir, Spotted all over the map of Europe.

Show on the map, what part of the Roman Empire was conquered by the Mohammedans.