Marauder [noun]

Definition of Marauder:

pillager, raider

Synonyms of Marauder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marauder:


Sentence/Example of Marauder:

Did it have a victim in its jaws or had some marauder stolen it?

No marauder appeared, yet in the morning he found that a new section had been visited.

Thou comest with stealthy tread, like the midnight marauder.

For two or three mornings after that the milk was not visited by the marauder.

Their wings cuffed the marauder's head in a fashion that confused him.

The gun busted on me, and I massacreed the marauder wid an ax.

The marauder mewed like a cat, hoping the grocer would let go.

The sandy stretch, so clear and unbroken, could not possibly hide a marauder.

He was sure, however, the marauder had robbed them of the bulk of their meat.

He was desirous, too, of learning all he could about the midnight marauder.