Marauders [noun]

Definition of Marauders:

pillager, raider

Synonyms of Marauders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marauders:


Sentence/Example of Marauders:

During this there was a dead silence on the part of the marauders.

Falling in with a party of the marauders, he was induced to join them.

Girard, see to it that the marauders are sent on board in irons.

And still there was no clue to the location of the headquarters of the marauders.

There they heard the stealthy footsteps of midnight marauders on board.

Utterly unsuspicious of danger, the marauders had taken no precautions.

Their chief was Sa-hei-ta, one of the bravest and most brutal of the marauders.

And that was a perfect setup for the marauders from the far-out rim.

Captain Gordon had been instructed to be on the lookout for these marauders.

The people of Lavinium complained to Romulus against these marauders.