Marauding [verb]

Definition of Marauding:

pillage and plunder

Synonyms of Marauding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marauding:

Sentence/Example of Marauding:

Marauding bands were wandering every where, and no man dwelt in safety.

They simply could not say a word, for marauding was punishable with death.

This precaution was taken to protect the cache from marauding animals.

And do you call this midnight assembly of marauding savages a review?

Is he flesh and blood, and responsible for the marauding thefts in the neighborhood?

The place is remote, and in a corner out of the path of marauding tribes.

The marauding bands of Duma also threatened a raid upon the city.

No lives were sacrificed, but the marauding system was carried to its extent.

The small flocks were carefully sheltered from marauding Indians.

Coming to meet me the party were captured by a band of marauding Indians.