Marbles [noun]

Definition of Marbles:


Opposite/Antonyms of Marbles:

Sentence/Example of Marbles:

Give him the freedom of the yard and street,--give him marbles, a ball, the skates!

Her white and pink flesh excited as much admiration as the marbles.

The Derbyshire marbles are quarried all about, and mosaic manufacture is carried on.

There are rare mosaics and fragments of bronzes and marbles yet remaining.

Never mind, Corny dear, I'll buy a bag of marbles for you at Banagher.'

In one little house I found a lad playing with some marbles.

The pockets of his other things are all gone in holes with marbles.

Neevie-neevie-nick-nack, a game with marbles, similar to “odd or even.”

But there were only some colored boys playing with their marbles and tops.

To brother Bill fell shinny clubs and bats, marbles and a kite.