Marched [verb]

Definition of Marched:

walk with deliberation

Synonyms of Marched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marched:

Sentence/Example of Marched:

The Assyrians marched against the Egyptians and defeated them in battle.

The Republic has marched on and on, and its step has exalted freedom and humanity.

The proposal was accepted, and Paches marched his forces into the town.

Some of them landed in Mexico and marched north into your country.

Mrs. Bartlett marched her prisoners through the gate and up to the house.

In the morning the 38th Dogras and 35th Sikhs marched into the camp.

We fought at Fombio; we fought on the bridge of Lodi; we marched into Milan.

He has marched with his fellows to the dept, and got his uniform and arms.

They marched across the open grassy plain, and into the woods beyond.

Off he marched with the jewels, and that was the last that the pirate saw of his Indian treasure.