Marchers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Marchers:

There will be more to say about these Marcher barons later on.

At the door he found Marcher, sprang into the saddle, and rode away.

It was wide enough for a horse, and showed the track of Marcher's hoofs.

There came in fact a moment when Marcher felt a positive pang.

I think,” poor Marcher returned, “that all sides are the same to me.

Its grant to Edward made him the natural head of the marcher barons.

His grievances were those of a marcher rather than those of a Welshman.

It was easy to form a coalition of all the marcher lords against him.

We have also just seen that in order to represent the trot the marcher at the back had to anticipate by a half-step.

This being a Lordship marcher, hath enioyed royall liberties, since the time wherein it was first subdued.