Marches [verb]

Definition of Marches:

walk with deliberation

Synonyms of Marches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marches:

Sentence/Example of Marches:

The inability of the men only, will put a period to our daily marches.

Day's marches were shortened because the woman could not stand long ones.

Massena enters Portugal at Almeida and marches to Lisbon and the open sea.

Every nation must know that, the instant it marches to war, it risks annihilation.

Victory accompanied his marches, and his foes were driven before him.

The night marches or rides are orderly, the more so in anticipation of what is to follow.

How am I a sharer in his triumphs, save as the charger that marches in the cavalcade?

The Campagna would have been what the marches of Ancona now are.

Marches are of two classes—of concentration and of manœuvre.

Beside every marching soldier, there marches invisible a woman soldier too.