Marching [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Marching:

These latter had arrived in camp at 8.30 that morning after marching all night.

He looked with some alarm at the long lines of marching men and animals.

She was still in her marching costume; but her hair had been smoothed, her face washed.

I can see khaki--and they are marching as a white man's safari marches.

Then Magua arose and gave the signal to proceed, marching himself in advance.

The feel of autumn was in the air, and the coolness made the marching brisker.

It was so vast that it could only be made by a great body of marching troops.

Only tears and words were left them, while life and destiny were marching on.

His country needed him—he was marching through Georgia for his country.

So presently to the palace there foemen fearless, fourteen Geats, marching came.