Marginalia [noun]

Definition of Marginalia:

written communication

Synonyms of Marginalia:

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Sentence/Example of Marginalia:

In an early number we propose to publish a selection from the letters of Lamb, and the "Marginalia" of Coleridge.

Poe said in one of his Marginalia that the man who dared to write the story of his heart would fire the paper upon which he wrote.

Essays and Marginalia, and Poems, with a memoir by his brother Derwent, appeared in 1851.

For the great owners of the past, certainly, we regret that they were so sparing in marginalia.

Some of these marginalia were copied by subsequent scribes into the text, where, in our version, they still remain.

In his marginalia he compares the methods of expression of Shakespeare with those of Beethoven.

This was one of Friedrich Wilhelm's marginalia in response to such a thing; and the mutinous whimper died out again.