Margins [noun]

Definition of Margins:

border; room around something

Synonyms of Margins:

Opposite/Antonyms of Margins:

Sentence/Example of Margins:

It has long and wide leaves, waved along the margins, and very spiny.

Upon its margins Columbus wrote his own opinions about geography.

So, each with an oar, they fought the tide, and won—but by the narrowest of margins.

The same can be said of the margins between the wholesaler and the consumer.

A good instance of a movement in margins is shown in flour in 1917.

A letter came at last, eight dear pages, with all the margins filled.

The margins should act as a frame or setting for the letter.

Angulate: forming an angle; when two margins meet in an angle.

Some of them like to write their opinions on the margins of the books.

I had told her I'd been speculating, and needed some extra money for margins.