Marinade [noun]

Definition of Marinade:

salt solution

Synonyms of Marinade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marinade:


Sentence/Example of Marinade:

Wipe dry, marinade in oil and lemon-juice, and broil as usual.

Soak the legs for half an hour in a marinade of oil and lemon-juice, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Soak for half an hour in a marinade of olive-oil seasoned with salt and pepper.

These should be carefully washed, then drained and set aside in a marinade for an hour.

Steep the chicken in this marinade three hours, having dried the pieces and floured them.

Boil the birds well in this marinade, place them on a broiler on a brisk fire, broil for seven minutes on each side.

Put it on a flat dish and lay any cooked or raw meat in the marinade for an hour or more before using, turning the pieces often.

Cover and bake until tender, basting with the marinade frequently.

Pour this marinade over the fish, cover it, and let it stand half an hour.

You can also braise the fillet in a baking dish in the oven with the marinade it is pickled in.