Mariner [noun]

Definition of Mariner:

person who makes living on the sea

Synonyms of Mariner:

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Sentence/Example of Mariner:

"He couldna see her bones, nor her his bow-legs," the mariner phrased it.

In common with other ancients they knew the principle of the mariner's compass.

Shall I appoint a mariner to be skipper of my vessel, or a landsman?

Upon the middle one are the lighthouses that warn the mariner.

There was no mariner who sailed the seas so insignificant as not to be hailed by Esther.

I have seen a deal of life, and have been a mariner this thirty year or more.

You rescue the mariner from shipwreck without wetting your feet.

He was Mariner's patron and protector until his death in 1809.

That night, after dinner, Mrs. Mariner asked Jill to read to her.

"You shouldn't have been allowed to do it," said Mr. Mariner warmly.