Mariners [noun]

Definition of Mariners:

person who makes living on the sea

Synonyms of Mariners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mariners:


Sentence/Example of Mariners:

But it was destitute of mariners, itself seeming to live and move.

The two mariners did not hesitate an instant, but bolted in opposite directions.

Now you shall see whether I exaggerate about the mariners of Cornwall.

The mariners and passengers were all crushed to death, or sank.

She commenced her return voyage with a pilot and five mariners.

St. Anthony was called the patron of mariners, and therefore his aid was especially invoked.

Strong intuitions of the man assure the mariners he can be no innocent.

The vessel moved gently from the shore, rowed by the mariners.

A few of the mariners were in the secret, and were in some degree prepared for what was to come.

It is said to have been published in the "Magazine for Mariners."