Marines [noun]

Definition of Marines:

armed force

Synonyms of Marines:

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Sentence/Example of Marines:

We are to have sixty blue-jackets and five marines for sentries, and so on.

The marines had cleaned and loaded all the muskets, and placed them in the racks.

Major Oldfield, who commanded the marines of Theseus, was killed, with two of his men.

The Marines, at a word from their officer, turned to go, taking the prisoners with them.

Runkle was off like a shot on his errand and soon returned with two marines.

The forces at this station were 90 Marines as Guards, and 244 Marines as reserves.

John Brooks, the lieutenant of marines, fought by the commodore's side.

The wind being favourable, no time was lost after the marines had come on board.

If the Serbs remained at Rieka, said the Admiral, he would land his marines.

"One can do nothing with the marines; they are brutal," said Major Verdinois.