Marker [noun]

Definition of Marker:

a writing instrument

Synonyms of Marker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marker:


Sentence/Example of Marker:

Tibby put a marker in the leaves of his Chinese Grammar and helped them.

The first "XV" explaining "Rebeck" has no marker in the original text.

Marker attempted to shoot the constable, but his revolver missed fire.

He had employed a marker, who had just marked nineteen out of the twenty.

The marker has been moved next to the reference to a dissecting pin in the text.

He next proceeded to the tree which he had used as a marker, and ‘blazed’ it with his axe.

Page 218: The marker for footnote 88 could not be found in the text.

Let it be a game of billiards, for instance, which the marker is going to teach us.

Rutley, unmoved, inquired whether his services were wanted as marker.

She read a portion every evening and kept a marker carefully in the place.