Marketed [verb]

Definition of Marketed:

package and sell goods

Synonyms of Marketed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marketed:



Sentence/Example of Marketed:

Our cows must have feed, they must be milked, the milk must be marketed.

This was the way they marketed their coal—by destroying their buffaloes.

The stones are marketed from Kimberley, but London dealers buy most of them.

English wool was marketed there, and there English loans were floated.

"Not till after my grain is threshed and marketed," he replied.

"Maybe it would be best if I marketed the crystals in any form I can," he said.

It was marketed here seven years, but was never a great success.

Such freaks should be isolated and marketed as soon as possible.

The cut in this State is marketed as black oak, from which it is rarely separated.

Soaps under present conditions must be marketed by their producers.