Marketplace [noun]

Definition of Marketplace:

shopping place

Synonyms of Marketplace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marketplace:


Sentence/Example of Marketplace:

As he approached the city he heard a great noise in the marketplace.

In the marketplace, the excitement and buzz of conversation were at their highest.

He had come back to it, heartsick of his idols of the marketplace.

A marketplace noise smote the air; the hall was crowded and suffocating.

We are needed there, to judge by that angry crowd in the marketplace.

The polling booth was erected in the centre of the marketplace.

Every Greek city had its agora, or marketplace, as every Roman city had its forum.

However this may be, there is a monument to him in the marketplace of Asiatic Magnesia.

Many are waiting in the marketplace, their souls full of fear.

All are to make ready for the journey and are to assemble in the marketplace.