Markets [noun]

Definition of Markets:

place, venue for selling goods

Synonyms of Markets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Markets:


Sentence/Example of Markets:

As a result the grain in the Egyptian markets had greatly increased in value.

His next step was to re-establish the markets and re-open the sources of supply.

Conversely, when the differential is higher or lower, the markets are out of line.

She grew up in the markets and her sympathies were with the lower ranks of the people.

Then she turned her head again, and gazed in silence towards the markets.

For the last moment or two she had been looking attentively in the direction of the markets.

They began chatting together as they went back towards the markets.

For the last time he raised his eyes and looked at the markets.

Florent, indeed, was just then returning to the markets after his prolonged perambulation.

On the very next morning vague rumours began to circulate in the markets.