Marking [noun]

Definition of Marking:


Synonyms of Marking:

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Sentence/Example of Marking:

He read with pencil in hand, and he had an elaborate system of marking a book.

But then he might be only marking time to let that guzzling Cheeseman dine at his leisure.

Madden was just marking these men when there was a tap at the door.

They go to you as they came out of the hand of the Copier, without pointing or marking.

And still she smiled, transported with delight at marking this awakening of his senses.

Mix two drams of the tincture of galls with one dram of lunar caustic, and for marking of linen, use it with a pen as common ink.

It was like a clock, marking the moments he still had to live.

The marking of the grain on the quartered lumber is very beautiful.

The pronounced brows were almost threatening in their marking and depression.

You will be informed of the arrangements and of the system of marking in due course.