Marksman [noun]

Definition of Marksman:

weapon expert

Synonyms of Marksman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marksman:


Sentence/Example of Marksman:

What a target for a while he would be for every marksman at any range to shoot at!

Two smart cracks at some distance indicated the location of the marksman.

"You might hit me," said Ebenezer, who knew nothing of Tom's skill as a marksman.

The marksman had been Tucker, the fellow hired to take the great scout's life.

I hereby award each of you the bronze medal of Marksman First.

He would go out into the fields and see what he could do as a marksman.

Apparently the diversion had no effect on the marksman within.

Silva, indeed, after the first shot, had but little to boast of as a marksman.

Besides, it was not necessary for a marksman like Murray to get so very near.

But it fell where the marksman saw the boat, a safe distance to one side.