Marooned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Marooned:

It rarely if ever happened that anything was known of him after having been marooned.

Four of us, marooned at Philae, not knowing it, and night coming on.

Anyway, there we was, marooned on that little two-for-a-cent island.

Men have been marooned for neglecting that little precaution.

By barrack and camp life the normal civilian intellect is, as it were, marooned.

Just as well, perhaps, but here I was, marooned upon an island!

A few other wretches was marooned like me in the hotel corridors.

Meanwhile I had taken our launch into the river-mouth and was marooned there.

And the other Aurigeans, down on Earth, would not be marooned there.

That made three such marks, three days since Thorvald had marooned him.