Marrow [noun]

Definition of Marrow:

heart, essence

Synonyms of Marrow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marrow:

Sentence/Example of Marrow:

When she pressed a little she felt she distinguished the suffering cries of the marrow.

The bone was formed by sifting pure smooth earth and wetting it with marrow.

Worst of all and most fatal is the disease of the marrow, by which the whole course of the body is reversed.

The first principle of all of them was the generation of the marrow.

It is the pith and marrow of every substance, every relation, and every process.

Lambert did some hard thinking for a little while, so hard that it wrenched him to the marrow.

He is ready to eat me, and she to freeze the marrow in my bones.

In matters of form this poet is no romantic but a classic to the marrow.

Have no grit or zest for toiling and no marrow in their bones.

A chill wind swept across the city and penetrated to the marrow.