Marshal [verb]

Definition of Marshal:

organize, guide

Synonyms of Marshal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marshal:

Sentence/Example of Marshal:

The necessary papers were made out and given to the Marshal.

He whispered to the marshal that he would return, and slipped through the window.

It was the marshal calling to them that Andrew was gone and inviting them in to finish him.

"He hadn't long to live, anyway," answered the marshal in some confusion.

"It looks like a woman's hand had been at work," concluded the marshal.

His weapons had been indeed removed, and the marshal was looking at him with beady eyes.

At any rate the marshal smiled, and a curious flush came in Andrew's face.

He was almost asleep when the marshal said: "Are you really going to stick it out, Andy?"

The pain in the marshal's face became a ghastly thing to see.

Now and then the glance of the marshal wandered to the door.