Marshes [noun]

Definition of Marshes:


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Sentence/Example of Marshes:

The marsh appears to follow along the south side of the range.

But I was proposing--I wanted to deed that piece of marsh to you boys!

Twice daily the water came in as if to feed on the marsh grass.

In proportion as the marsh solidified the general health improved.

But Marsh had caught its meaning at once and had promptly jotted it down for use.

There was a doll for Lucy and a framed photograph of my mother for me—and for Mr. Marsh a Bible.

"That is our answer to Congress," said Marsh, when again quiet had been restored.

There were no inner private rooms and Marsh saw everyone who came.

"He'd be out at meetings most every night," Mrs. Marsh continued.

As Mrs. Marsh and her husband were at the time when her second baby was born.