Marshland [noun]

Definition of Marshland:


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Sentence/Example of Marshland:

Though a marshland is always open it is still curiously secret.

So the dirge of the frog is the cry of the spirit of river and marshland.

At the back of them was a marshland, dense with trees and underbrush.

Then the ruffian turned, slowly dragging her foot by foot into the marshland.

To her supprise Helen came to the door instead of Marshland.

"Ah this is Marshland's cooking" thought Helen as she raised the cover of the dish.

After spending a while there, they back-tracked to the marshland area.

As the flock settled on the marshland, Hawk Eye fitted an arrow to his bow.

The long stretch of marshland, on which the golf links were situated, was empty.

And what went on here in these uninhabited reaches of the marshland?