Marshy [adjective]

Definition of Marshy:


Synonyms of Marshy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marshy:


Sentence/Example of Marshy:

The district was wild and marshy, with few signs of any inhabitants.

All day we ride along the hills skirting the marshy plain of Huleh.

Alas, you are most often found along the marshy borders of the kingdom of the winds.

Its back was to the slopes that rose by marshy terraces to the hills.

A marshy meadow had been selected by his forbears for colonization.

Behind this fringe of marshy land you see the finest country in the world.

The region, as far as the eye could reach, was low and marshy, with no landmarks.

A muddy, marshy, unhealthy spot, it was unfitted for a city.

At either end of it was low, marshy ground, difficult to pass.

Here, however, Hilary approached the marshy ground of feeling.