Martians [noun]

Definition of Martians:

extraterrestrial being

Synonyms of Martians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Martians:


Sentence/Example of Martians:

Aunt Twylee—is it true what my daddy says about the Martians?

He says, you Martians are kinda likeable, but you can't be trusted.

Like the Martians—but unlike the Martians, they did not fight back.

But it was not of the threatened attack by Martians that Sarka the Second spoke.

And the Martians might still remember a few of the techniques.

You wonder about the Martians—what they were like when they were a young and proud race.

The Martians were entertained by the quavering denunciation.

For this relief meant that the Martians had withdrawn down the stairway.

The aggressive Martians would be only too glad to explore the Moon.

He remembered one from many years before, something about the Martians.