Martinets [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Martinets:

One suspected that the flowers had been drilled by a martinet of a gardener.

The cat was a martinet in her way, and she demanded all the privileges of her sex.

If he had been a martinet, it would have been worse for us all.

The colonel was something of a martinet, but he was justice incarnate.

He was a good deal of a martinet, but he was justice incarnate.

The new Viceroy was a soldier and a martinet, and his authority had been defied.

They always say he's more of a martinet at home than ever he was in the Army.

Vizcarra, though a dandy himself, was no martinet with his men.

He is lying on the rug, on his fat stomach, and is becoming quite a martinet.

How could he have done such a thing—he the martinet of business caution?