Martyrs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Martyrs:

The martyr's crown awaits them, for they display the martyr's spirit.

I must not make a martyr of myself, when I am one of so large a company.'

I found it in this cell, after the death of the martyr, and have preserved it as a relic.

She had beheld the Virgin, she was the chosen one, the martyr.

At bottom he is simply a martyr who has followed the wrong track.

He was the first to martyr of the war, and he ought to have a monument.

But assuredly free woman will have to yield up her martyr's crown.

Bunyan had suffered as a martyr; but it was as a martyr for truth, not for general licence.

After the role of deliverer, that of martyr was not to be despised.

When Mr. Hammond did come down to breakfast his manner was that of a martyr.