Marveled [verb]

Definition of Marveled:

be amazed

Synonyms of Marveled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marveled:


Sentence/Example of Marveled:

He marveled dully over the sensation—it was wholly new to him.

And he waited, and marveled that he could fall so tremendous a distance.

We saw them in the procession, and marveled greatly at the color of their hair and eyes.

He did not, though he marveled at a new tenderness in her that had been born in the night.

He marveled at the dexterity with which she lifted him against her slim shoulder.

But they marveled the more at the truth that she finally made plain to them.

Oswald marveled at the obtuseness of this eminent barrister.

"I'd never, never known how splendid it was if I hadn't left Rosamond," she marveled.

I could not doubt whose were the liberator's hands, and I marveled that she had not come with him.

I have marveled at the ease with which Othello strangled Desdemona.