Marvelously [adverb]

Definition of Marvelously:


Synonyms of Marvelously:

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Sentence/Example of Marvelously:

It was simply a coppery glow, marvelously delicate, molding her face.

The timid smile that wreathed the tiny mouth was marvelously winning.

The top floors were devoted to marvelously equipped laboratories.

You will see that he will reply, and that he speaks Turkish marvelously.

The strings were of cat-gut and were in marvelously good condition.

There are 492 pages in the "Report," and 40 plates, some of them marvelously colored.

But that his manner was so kind, so marvelously gentle, for him, I should have done so.

He said, with a marvelously unpleasant smile: "Then she was——"

The women, however, are outspoken in their hostility, and marvelously bitter.

Everything about the two little rooms was marvelously clean and neat.