Masculine [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Masculine:

It arose, I imagine, from an excess of the masculine element in his nature.

But, at that moment, to Dr. Eben it looked large and masculine.

The boy gave her the superior smile of the masculine creature.

I told him that most of masculine Denboro fished or farmed or kept store.

But since then it has had time and opportunity to become strong, bold, masculine, potential.

Mingled with it there may also have been a dash of masculine vanity.

He saw his own face, handsome and masculine, shining out of her mind.

There was a firmness, a hint of masculine strength in her chin, and in her manner.

As to poodles and pugs, it is difficult for the masculine "man of letters" to write.

There is a softness in masculine nature, even the most brutal, which acts as a check.