Mashie [noun]

Definition of Mashie:

golfing tool

Synonyms of Mashie:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mashie:


Sentence/Example of Mashie:

If it had been a mashie I might have faced them, but a brassie-spoon out of a lie like that—no.

I gave him a drink, a cigarette, and Mistakes with the Mashie.

Haven't you noticed he's been using a mashie—the same mashie every time?

Generally all mashie shots may be separated into three groups.

I seldom use a mashie until I am within eighty yards of the hole.

It is properly classified as a mashie shot, but there are golfers who do it with an iron.

Much better, I say, is a flick with the iron than a thump with the mashie.

The face of the mashie will not be straight at the moment of impact.

However, I will suppose that it is to be attempted with the mashie.

Play with an iron instead of forcing your shot with a mashie.