Mashing [verb]

Definition of Mashing:

smash, squash

Synonyms of Mashing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mashing:


Sentence/Example of Mashing:

Then mash them in a preserving kettle and add the sugar to them.

Mash or chop the berries, as preferred, and add the sugar to them.

Cook them until they are quite soft, and then chop them or mash them.

When they are quite soft, drain them in a cullender, and mash them.

It is then better to mash them always before they are sent to table.

Break up and mash them with a potato-beetle, or a rolling-pin.

Boil them fast till they go all to pieces, and stir and mash them with a spoon.

When it is quite soft, drain it dry, and mash it in a cullender.

Then mash the potatoes smooth, not leaving in a single lump.

The deck of the smack below promised to mash the American into a pulp.