Masking [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Masking:

Pass through a sieve and use for masking meat, fowl, fish, &c.

Pass it through a sieve and use for masking cutlets, fish, &c.

Let it get cold, and it will then be quite firm and ready for masking cutlets, &c.

He laughed with an affectation of indulgence, masking something else.

Marriage was a trap, masking its steel jaws and its chain under flowers.

There was a very serious mistake in the policy of "masking" Adrianople.

Eating, drinking, masking, And other things which could be had for asking.

Your safety, your crown, perhaps your life, depend upon this masking.

Masking his agitation for the time, he inquired how often it had occurred, this grave symptom.

They're like a jealous woman's smile, masking something hidden.