Masochism [noun]

Definition of Masochism:

deriving pleasure from pain

Synonyms of Masochism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Masochism:


Sentence/Example of Masochism:

Masochism (association of sexual desire with submission to cruelty and violence).

Comparing this ideal to real legal practice is an exercise in masochism.

Moll considers that in some cases mixoscopy is related to masochism.

I suspect that under many of our professed principles there lurk elements of unconscious sadism and masochism.

Perhaps the phenomenon is allied to masochism, since anxiety is to a certain extent painful.

It may be that the actual advertiser is on the lookout for the energetic instructress; here we have to do with masochism.

Féré speaks of sexual algophily; he only applies the term to masochism; it might equally well be applied to sadism.

Sadism and masochism may be regarded as complementary emotional states; they cannot be regarded as opposed states.

Throughout life Restif's attitude toward women was active and masculine, without the slightest trace of masochism.

It is quite easy to see that this supposed identity of masochism and foot-fetichism forms a seductive theory.