Masonry [noun]

Definition of Masonry:

craft of mason

Synonyms of Masonry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Masonry:


Sentence/Example of Masonry:

Another was stunned by a mass of masonry hurled at him by a giant cragsman.

The roof, conical in shape, was supported by six masonry pillars.

I often ask myself, 'Now, how can such a piece of masonry ever be destroyed?'

It was firmly set in masonry, but he found he could loosen it a little by shaking it.

He tried to grasp the well-like walls of masonry, but in vain.

In the order of Masonry, the highest degree is that of the Templar.

The masonry of the greater part of the wall was old and crumbling.

"I know just about where the opening lies," he said, stepping on the pile of masonry.

They are always built of masonry in one of the corners of the room.

Then, fill the inside of the wall with broken stone or masonry.