Massaging [noun]

Definition of Massaging:

kneading of body parts

Synonyms of Massaging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Massaging:


Sentence/Example of Massaging:

For the present he can but prescribe a purgative and a massage of the arm and spine.

It is often the case that some gland is weak and can be strengthened by this massage.

Don't forget the daily massage; it will work wonders in your appearance.

Having once come to massage her, she wished to see him again, retained him.

Automatically she gives him his bath, his massage, his run in the park.

This aids nutrition and because of the massage it aids circulation.

She calmly took a seat on the stairs and proceeded to massage her head.

Electricity is an excellent accessory to massage—but that is another story.

There is, of course, nothing like massage for rubbing things in.

It's a throat and gout place-baths, massage, electricity, and so forth.