Massed [adjective]

Definition of Massed:

additional, greater

Synonyms of Massed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Massed:



Sentence/Example of Massed:

With the noise of a thousand thunderbolts the massed rays struck.

The heavens darkened with massed fliers, and still they came.

All these rooms had been parts of my harbor—a massed array of money and brains.

It was now dark with massed clusters of bodies, red even at that distance.

Our massed instances speak too much of coincidences of coincidences.

Experimentally, he waved to the massed ranks of bug things as he passed them.

Retreating into Virginia, he massed his forces at Fredericksburg.

It floated downward, massed and purple-red with gushing blood.

They were massed together in groups with their arms all turned upwards.

Massed in the background, and in a half circle, were the freshmen.