Massif [noun]

Definition of Massif:

mountain system

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Sentence/Example of Massif:

The two next highest are at the right, or eastern, end of the massif.

Above the plain, which sweeps away from the northern bank, rises the "massif" of Laon.

It rests on the western side on the Massif de Moronvillers; to the east it stretches as far as the Argonne.

Didron thus describes it: Cet anneau est en or massif; il pese 14 gram.

From the top a vast plateau stretches to the lofty chain which forms the inland rim of the Andean massif.

Its most striking feature is the mountainous and eruptive area known as the Massif Central, which covers south-central France.

Massif will publish it at his own expense, and you will appear before the public in one month.

Massif ought to pay him in a few days five hundred francs for the second edition of his book; but what is a handful of napoleons?

They are exposed on the one hand in the neighbourhood of the Rhine and on the other hand in the Bohemian massif.