Massive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Massive:

Hence, our architecture and statuary is massive and of immense proportions.

What storming of fortresses, built all of massive snowblocks!

He was altogether splendid, massive, overpowering, and impracticable.

The walls of Norman buildings are thick and massive, and are often faced with cut stone.

The bull-dog stood too short, while its massive jaws were an added protection.

There was no sympathetic relation between his tail and his massive jaws.

The massive chairs and tables were of black oak, with cushions of green velvet.

“Noe and Eseye hurled a massive stone from the wall of the fort, And never,” &c.

Amelia is so massive and square; if the girl's so small she'd look like 'the Marchioness.'

De Naarboveck tapped on the peephole made in the massive door.