Mast [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mast:

She see us a-wallowin' in the trough and our mast thrashin' for all it was worth.

We were fighting a fair fight, for he had boarded the ship when the mast fell and killed him.

They're so mad because they can't get at us that they're biting the mast.

We have a mast and sail there, I see, and water in the beaker.

"Hand me the lead and line, that lie at the foot of the mast, it you please," said Paul.

Captain Truck hesitated, and he looked wistfully at the mast.

These rings acted as bearings on which the mast could revolve.

The boom should be made a trifle smaller in diameter than the mast.

It is better to have a mast too small rather than too large.

The mast upon which the smaller sail is set is known as the mizzenmast.