Mastered [verb]

Definition of Mastered:

learn; become proficient

Opposite/Antonyms of Mastered:

Sentence/Example of Mastered:

The young man stared at his mother until he had mastered her meaning.

He mastered it, and galloped with a heavy heart up the ravine and to the house of Pop.

The devil saw his chance, sprang up, and mastered the father.

At last, however, he mastered his irritation to some degree, and spoke his command briefly.

The sun had mastered the clouds and all the surface of the water glittered.

In half an hour he had learned his task, while I had not mastered the half of mine.

All tense and trembling with eagerness and desire, he mastered his instinct and stood still.

It was in these years that he mastered Italian and made some progress in Greek.

The strange substance from the jungles of the tropics had been mastered.

"Some crank," she said, after she had mastered the sudden fear that swept over her.