Masterful [adjective]

Definition of Masterful:

expert, skilled

Synonyms of Masterful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Masterful:

Sentence/Example of Masterful:

There was a masterful quality in his declaration, which seemed to ignore her negation.

She was energetic, prudent, and masterful, having an excellent head for business.

There was something so strong, reliant, masterful about her Jack that made him irresistible to her.

There was something so gracious and yet so masterful about him.

He was calm again; and he was masterful for the first time in all his dealings with her.

You are so strong and big and masterful; that is what frightens me.

She was half fainting, and she let him have his swift, masterful way.

"I asked you how much it was," pursued Thorpe, in a masterful tone.

Esther longed to shake off the masterful old hand, but she would not.

She was as afraid of him as of the masterful dead woman in the quilted wrapper.