Masterfully [adverb]

Definition of Masterfully:

very well

Synonyms of Masterfully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Masterfully:

Sentence/Example of Masterfully:

In the old days he had taken his own masterfully, with no doubts.

He talked of her and looked at her and spoke, masterfully and yet shyly, of being with her in New York.

Boyle passed his arm around her promptly, firmly, masterfully.

She swung her keys on a black riband and gazed at him masterfully.

Masterfully he led the girl out through the doorway to the hall.

She held him masterfully; her voice was stern in her command to him to lie still.

He was looking down at her not only adoringly, but masterfully.

He slipped his free arm round her, and drew her to him masterfully.

"One moment," he entreated, and masterfully signalled Marrier to depart.

Lois marched first into the lift, masterfully, as though she inhabited the block.