Mastering [verb]

Definition of Mastering:

learn; become proficient

Opposite/Antonyms of Mastering:

Sentence/Example of Mastering:

Did she hate him for his mastering of circumstances but not herself?

For nearly ten years the disease kept on mastering me more and more.

He set himself the infinite task of mastering the difficult language.

How tremendous is the quick succession of mastering passions!

Mastering his emotion, de Loubersac decided to make a clean breast of it.

For half an hour there was no mastering him, but all at once he broke down.

But even while he was struggling with the poison of one horrible word, it was mastering him.

The night's patrol, and the mastering of Billy, had tired the girl.

He read slowly, for the dialect was new, and he was bent on mastering it.

"Au revoir, ma chère," he answered, mastering his voice with all his strength.