Masterly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Masterly:

All these thoughts came to her with rapidity, as Crane talked with masterly judgment.

The whole is first laid in with a very delicate and masterly gray, 8.

It was really magnificent, full of masterly breadth of colouring.

She suddenly received a masterly blow just on the right cheek.

How masterly is he in all the points of his profession as evinced in a criminal court.

The masterly generalship of his comrade filled him with admiration.

The masterly handling of color in this picture has rarely been excelled.

The book is written in an able, masterly, and painstaking manner.

"Masterly inactivity" was as unlucky a phrase as ever was coined.

He thought with pride that she was thoroughbred, capable of masterly strokes.