Mastermind [verb]

Definition of Mastermind:

plan and direct

Synonyms of Mastermind:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mastermind:


Sentence/Example of Mastermind:

He said to Professor Garet, "All right, mastermind, untie me."

As for Salem, it looks as though a mastermind had been at work, I see it in everything.

Ravick seemed to have gotten the idea that Joe Kivelson was the mastermind of the hunters' cabal against him.

A banquet extraordinary was shortly to take place, and M. Sapin, the mastermind, came to beg of Regali the recipe for his ragout.

His mastermind comprehended the importance and necessity of combined and harmonious effort.

This girl was obviously the assistant to the Mastermind who originated the scheme.

Or, in contact with a mastermind, he may take fire, and the glow of the enthusiasm may be the inspiration of his life.